Hello! My name is Alexander Frank, and this is my professional web site where I showcase a selection of work I have created throughout my time as a Graphic Artist.


In my eyes, one of the most exciting things about this field is that it has never been work, as much as it has been a rewarding adventure that I have the privilege of calling my job! I love the satisfaction that comes from my clients and the satisfying messages I receive when my ideas meet and go beyond their expectations. My end game in this field is to bring my clients more business; to make people remember not so much the advertising or the design, but the company itself and to bring in repeat business for my clients.

I currently work as a Presentation Design for Lieberman Research Worldwide in Los Angeles, CA, as well as being the designer for Leddy Power Systems, a power generation distribution company where I have the privilege of conceptualizing and guiding the direction of the marketing campaigns that take place.

While I'm not in the office, you can find me taking every opportunity I can to be outdoors to meet new people, to try new things and to travel to new locations. I love to Snowboard in the winter, I love to head to the beach during the summer, and I love to relax with my friends and family around a board game with good company.

I currently reside in Central LA, where I am constantly learning about the field of Graphic Arts.